Semiconductor Jobsites

The semiconductor industry continues to be one of the fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the world according to "The Environmental Impact of the Manufacturing of Semiconductors," a module that was developed as part of a Rice University class called "Nanotechnology: Content and Context" in 2005. Semiconductors are used in a wide range of products - from military equipment and cars to cell phones and digital cameras – not just computers. The semiconductor industry prides itself on its immaculate and sanitary clean rooms, but many of the chemicals and solvents used to produce wafers and chips are known human carcinogens or pose other potentially serious health risks. These adverse health effects can manifest not only in those who actually work in the clean rooms, but in those who worked elsewhere in the facility, as well as in the children of those who were exposed to these chemicals and solvents prior to conception and/or during pregnancy. Below is a list of just a few of the many companies in the semiconductor industry.

If you or a loved one were once employed at any of these facilities and believe it's possible that you or your loved one were exposed to hazardous and/or toxic substances, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your potential claims. Email or call Thornton Law Firm LLP, Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP, Waters & Kraus, LLP, and Galiher DeRobertis & Waxman LLP at 866.998.6942 to learn more about toxic chemical exposures and the injuries, including birth defects and reproductive injuries they can cause.

Data General
Electronic Material Corporation (EMC)
Fairchild Corporation
General Dynamics
Hughes Aircraft
National Semiconductor
Northern Telecom
Philips Semiconductor
Rockwell International
Texas Instruments (TI)
Thomson SA
United Technologies Corporation
Western Digital