Texas Instruments (TI)

Thornton Law Firm LLP, Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP, and Waters & Kraus, LLP represent children with birth defects or birth injuries whose parents worked at Texas Instruments (TI) and experienced exposures to toxic chemicals. These exposures can disrupt the reproductive system of both male and female Texas Instruments (TI) employees by disrupting their abilities to reproduce or by causing them to pass damaged and defective DNA to their children resulting in birth defects. These exposures were experienced by Texas Instruments (TI) employees working a wide range of jobs, including but not limited to those who worked in clean room (wafer/chip) manufacturing environments at Texas Instruments (TI), and an exposed worker need not have worked hands-on with the chemicals. These chemicals and solvents include but are not limited to chemicals such as etching materials, solvents, cleaning fluids, and EGE.

At Thornton Law Firm LLP, Phillips & Paolicelli, LLP, and Waters & Kraus, LLP, we are on the cutting edge of birth injury litigation in the clean room and semiconductor industry. Our birth injury lawyers work with highly-qualified scientific and medical professionals to determine if your reproductive injuries or your child's birth defects are related to chemical exposures. If you or a loved one were once employed at Texas Instruments (TI) and have a child with birth defects or birth injury and you believe it's possible that either parent had exposures to hazardous and/or toxic substances, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your potential claims. Email or call us at 866.998.6942 to learn more about toxic chemical exposures resulting in birth defects and reproductive injuries or for a case evaluation and to discuss your options.